From the time WhatsApp Messenger was introduced onto the app scene, the world seems to have become smaller and everyone, more accessible. We all relished in the thought that we had finally found our Messiah of messaging apps. With its potentially unlimited free calls and text capabilities, which only required a simple offering of being connected to the internet. Well I’ll say that, it was surely delivering on that thought. Don’t you agree?


What Makes It So Great 

WhatsApp Messenger is a 1 year free messaging service that in terms of capabilities, far exceeds traditional SMS services. It lets you posting audio/video files, pictures and links to its easy share feature, which can be accessed by other iOS apps as well. It lets its user launch video/audio calls, send voice notes and even place locations on each text sent from anywhere in the world as long as the user is connected to Wi-Fi or a 4G, 3G, 2G or EDGE data plan. The app also gives its users the ability to have group chats of up to 50 people. Can you imagine how pricey, it would be if you had to send texts using regular SMS to 50 people repeatedly? Not very appealing is it? The interfaces can be customized with different wallpapers which you can either download from the many wallpaper packages available or upload from the many images on your phone. Each chat can have its own unique wallpaper, so you are free to express yourself. All of these features are available during you’ll be your first free year, and when that expires, all you have to do is play a measly $0.99 yearly subscription to resume the service. Download it for your iOS today: Click Here


 Getting WhatsApp for PC

WhatsApp for PC

For those of you who are more of a PC lover then fear not, for there is a WhatsApp for PC. It, however, does not come in the traditional download format. It’s a web application called WhatsApp Web. This means that it requires you to have your browser open to this site: WhatsApp Web. It is imperative to note, that this is not a standalone web application because it requires you to have WhatsApp Messenger installed on your iOS devices.

Step 1: Click the link above to a special WhatsApp QR code to appear in your browser.

Step 2: Locate the WhatsApp web option on your device. This can be found in the menu of the WhatsApp chats.

Step 3: Tap the ‘+’ in the top right corner of the screen to access WhatsApp’s QR scanner.

Step 4: Scan the QR code.

Once the code is scanned, the web version with sync with the WhatsApp on your device and pull up every past and current message.


Viber the Alternative to WhatsApp 


WhatsApp Messenger has become a major player in the messaging app game, and while it does stand at the top, it is not without flaws. Many have expressed disappointment with the apps limited and dull emoticon section and surprisingly, that is a major deal breaker for some. So if you are someone who prefers a vivid and lively set of emoticons, then check out Viber. Viber offers the same features as WhatsApp, improved emoticon design and styles, and a feature which allows you to call non-Viber users using Viber credit. Sure, you will have to purchase the credit, but that still hasn’t stopped the app from gaining a huge following. Viber is available for any iOS device as well as PC. Try it out.