What is Videoshop – Video Editor 5.4.1?

Videoshop - Video Editor 5.4.1Download: The Best App for Editing Videos on your iOS

Videoshop – Video Editor 5.4.1 is an accessible video editor with tons of editing tools that let you edit your videos in any way you want. The app has had lots of updates packed with new features ever since it released, and the developers still continue to update it and make it the best video editor for iOS.

It is available on iOS and the Windows Store for $1.99, while the Android version is available for free.

It’s easy to make a video in Videoshop – Video Editor 5.4.1. Simply launch the app, capture or import content (both video and photos), edit and publish. When you launch the app you will be taken straight to the main editing screen.

You will see a row of editing options that you can scroll through located above the clips at the bottom of the screen. When you select any of the listed editing options you will see the specific controls for where you can preview, save, apply or cancel the changes you have made.

Videoshop - Video Editor 5.4.1Download: The Best App for Editing Videos on your iOS

The app has a basic user interface that you use to organize and place clips and select editing tools. One of the small issues the app seems to have is when using the Display editing feature. Once you are done with making changes such as changing the brightness and contrast of your video clip, clicking “Save” will show the progress bar move across the screen.

As you wait for the progress bar to fill, you will notice it stop right at the end. You can try waiting a few minutes to see if it finishes but it is probably best to just cancel and restart the process. It should then successfully apply your changes in just a few seconds.

Once you have finished editing your video, the app will let you share it. You can share to YouTube, Facebook, Vine, Instagram, Snapchat, Dropbox, Vimeo, WhatsApp, and E-mail.

While editing you will also see useful indicators that let you know when a view has went past the suitable length for an Instagram or Vine video.

Exporting gives you three video quality options: low, medium and high. The app used to support a maximum of 720p, but the newest version has added 1080p resolution support as well.

You can also crop the video to fill the 1:1 ratio seen in Instagram and Vine. But you can also choose to have black bars put below and above the video. This will remove the requirement to crop the video.

Videoshop - Video Editor 5.4.1Download: The Best App for Editing Videos on your iOS

Please keep in mind while using Videoshop on iOS that the app is only compatible with iPhone and iPad videos only. If you try to use videos from other platforms, you may receive some instability issues or crashes.

Videoshop – Video Editor 5.4.1 is packed with features, making it one of the best video editing apps on iOS. It features things such as:

  • Trimming;
  • Adding music, sound effects;
  • Slow motion (or fast motion);
  • Display adjustment: Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and more;
  • Merging, the ability to combine multiple video clips into one;
  • Filters
  • Transitions
  • Animated titles, voice overs, ability to type text with color and numerous fonts;
  • And much, much more.

Videoshop: Video Editor 5.4.1 Download

Videoshop: Video Editor 1.6.0 APK Download

What’s new in version 5.4.1

Version 5.4.1 comes with lots of new features that make Videoshop even better than ever before. Here is the list of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

The new features are:

  • DUB tool: Get ready to easily dub your favorite songs and sound clips!
  • IMAGE tool: This tool lets you add photos and logos over your videos.
  • FLIP tool: You can now simply flip your videos like a mirror, which lets you easily fix the letters that look backwards.
  • Support for 1080p resolution. Be sure to set your resolution to “HIGH” for this to work.
  • RESIZE tool now allows for different colored widescreens. Red, green, blue, whatever you want.

Bug fixes include:

  • A fix has been released for the “Operation Stopped” bug. Old projects may still have this bug so it would be better to start new projects instead;
  • Missing Text button issue has been fixed;
  • The time marker for Instagram has been extended to 60s;
  • Toolbar has now been spaced out to make it easier to read;
  • Volume status bars go hidden when you click the playback button;
  • More bug fixes and performance improvements.

The developers have revealed some tips & tricks as well. While modifying or trimming speed, swipe across the video screen to move the trim handles more accurately. Doing this will help you pinpoint the timing down to the millisecond. No need to click and drag the handles, just simply swipe across the screen.

Download and Install Videoshop – Video Editor 5.4.1 Using AppCake

AppCake is one of the most popular tool for users to download and install cracked apps. It is one of the most widely used tool besides Installous.

Install AppCake is easy and straightforward. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to install and use AppCake on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

Disclaimer: Using cracked apps is illegal. The purpose for posting this method is to help users test the app before buying it on Apple App Store. Developers spend a lot of time efforts to develop the app, we recommend users to delete the app after testing and buy the app on Apple App Store. The purpose of the posting does not support piracy or other piracy-related apps.

How to install AppCake on iPhone or iPad

prerequisite before you install App Cake:

  • iPhone or iPad
  • iPhone or iPad with iOS5 or later
  • Jailbroken device, Cydia installed
  1. First thing you have to do is to make sure your iPhone or iPad is jailbroken.
  2. Tap on Cydia on your device and launch it
  3.  Go to Manage, then go to Sources
  4. After you see the sources menu, Press Edit
  5. Select Add
  6. A Pop-Up will show up, add the URL: cydia.iphonecake.com , select Add Source.Videoshop - Video Editor 5.4.1Download: The Best App for Editing Videos on your iOS
  7. Source Warning would pop up. Press Add anyway. It would take some time for your iPhone or iPad to download these resources.
  8. There would be source updates for AppCake. When the update process is complete, press Return to Cydia.
  9. Tab cydia.iphonecake.com. from the Source menu.Videoshop - Video Editor 5.4.1Download: The Best App for Editing Videos on your iOS
  10.  Press AppCake from All Packages menu.Videoshop - Video Editor 5.4.1Download: The Best App for Editing Videos on your iOS
  11. Select Install. After that, select Confirm which would appear on the top right of your screen.
  12. After it’s successfully installed, press Restart Springboard.

How to use AppCake on iPhone or iPad

After you’ve successfully installed AppCake, you can start using AppCake

  1. Use Springboard to open AppCake
  2. Use browser categories. You can also use Search to look for Videoshop – Video Editor 5.4.1.

Finally, it’s done. Enjoy!