What is True Skate Version 1.4.5?


True Skate is a realistic skateboarding game that lets you control a skateboard using your fingers. It will probably remind you of the good old fingerboards you’d use as a kid at a lunch break in school or when you were simply bored. We will show cheats, tips tricks & walkthrough as well as the game’s features.

Developed and published by True Axis, True Skate is available on iPhone and iPad for $1.99. Unfortunately, the game also contains In-App Purchases. These include additional skate parks, locations and Street League Skateboarding courses. There are also other In-App Purchases which are optional and can be earned for free by spending in game currency True Credits which are earned by pulling off sweet tricks and completing missions.

True Skate Version 1.4.5 Game Features

The base game features one skate park that manages to show off what a realistic skateboard simulation this game actually is. Use an off-board swipe to push along. Doing a downward swipe on the board will make you go flying and left and right swipes on the center or tail of the board can determine whether you will kick-flip or pop shove-it.

You can combine tricks and grinds which in turn give you more points and maybe some in-game achievements. There are missions that require you to do specific tricks or to follow along a route or combinations of tricks. Unfortunately, there’s not much else to do after this unless you pay for additional skate parks.


Here is a list of the game’s features:

  • Push the skate by dragging your finger on the ground.
  • Touch based realistic physics.
  • One great skate park that includes stairs, ledges, grind rails, a bowl, half pipe and quarter pipes. Additional skate parks can be bought via In-App Purchases.
  • Various user challenges.
  • The ability to share your replays to your friends.
  • Global leaderboards to compete with your friends.
  • Epic slow motion.
  • The board when flicked will react just like you would expect it to.

True Skate may be one of the most realistic skateboard simulations on the iOS ever made. Unfortunately, the base game lacks content and replay value to keep the gameplay fun. There’s lots of fun tricks to do such as 360 hard flips, darkslides, nose grinds and lots more, but the one skate park offered in the base game isn’t enough to keep you entertained for long hours on end unless you’re a hardcore skater.


The Good

  • One of the most realistic skateboard simulations.
  • Great physics, lots of tricks.
  • Decent visuals.

The Bad

  • Only one skate park is offered in the base game, which in turn does not offer enough replay value.
  • Too many In-App Purchases for a paid game that include various different skate parks which would offer much more replay value if they were in the base game.
  • Not enough content and game mechanics to justify being a paid game.

Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Walkthrough

  • True Skate has lots of tricks you can pull off. Most of these tricks are under these two categories: jumping tricks and grinding tricks. Try and mess around with different finger movements to figure out what you can do. Keep in mind to always stabilize the board before the landing in order to successfully land the trick. You can jump to the pause menu take a look at the trick book to check what tricks you have managed to pull off.
  • On the hunt to earn a ton of True Credits? Then be sure to focus on making long, steady lines. A line is basically how much long you can skate without stopping or crashing into something as you constantly pull off awesome tricks until the time limit for the line runs out. Pull off as many tricks as you can in order to earn lots of True Credits.
  • The best and simplest way to increase your score during your line is to skate and do a jumping trick, land on a ledge, rail or whatever else that you can grind to and pull of a grinding trick. Land it, go to something else to grind on and keep doing this over and over again. Another easier way is to just find a rail to land on, stay still and constantly jump and do tricks, land back on the rail and do it all over again.
  • The True Credits can be used to buy skateboard modifications. These modifications include things such as new decals and changing the color of your wheels. You can’t buy new skate parks with True Credits, sadly. You will have to buy them via In-App Purchases.
  • If you take a look at the options menu you will find that you can change various presets to better suit the way you play. You can change things such as the sensitivity of the left and right controls, disable or enable realistic Ollie height and so on. It would probably be a good idea to enable the realistic Ollie height which will make it much easier to do grinds. When disabled it can be quite easy to miss the rail.

True Skate 1.4.5 Download iOS

What’s new in version 1.4.5

Version 1.4.5 brings us these new additions:

  • A brand new coursed has been added! It’s called: SLS 2016 Munich.
  • An issued that made Branded decks reset after specific updates has been fixed.
  • A Filter option has been added in the Store and the Store has gained a few accessibility improvements.

Download True Skate Version 1.4.5 using vShare

True Skate Version 1.4.5 APK Download: Realistic Skateboarding on iOS
vShare is one of the best way to get paid apps on Apple App Store free. vShare app has a vShare custom store and there are many apps available for free. vShare is a great tool for those users who don’t have a jailbroken iOS device or Cydia.

This is different from Cydia where you have to install a Cydia repo for it to work. Instead, vShare is essentially a custom apps tore which has its own website. vShare is a very good alternative of AppCake or Installous. The great thing about it is that iPhone or iPad does not need jailbreak or have Cydia on your iOS device.

Disclaimer: Using cracked apps is illegal. The purpose for posting this method is to help users test the app before buying it on Apple App Store. Developers spend a lot of time efforts to develop the app, we recommend users to delete the app after testing and buy the app on Apple App Store. The purpose of the posting does not support piracy or other piracy-related apps.

How to download and install vShare

  1. Unlock you iOS device
  2.  Open the Safari app
  3. Type http://www.vshare.com in the Safari browser
  4. Select Download (Unjailbroken option should be available)
  5. There might be a warning. Press Install anyway.True Skate Version 1.4.5 APK Download: Realistic Skateboarding on iOS
  6. Go to the home screen by pressing home button. Then you will see the vShare icon and it shows it’s installing.
  7. When the app finished installing, click on the app. There would be a warning message.
  8. Select Trust and then vShare will open.

True Skate Version 1.4.5 APK Download: Realistic Skateboarding on iOS

This is it! vShare is installed on your iPhone or iPad. You can start downloading and installing True Skate Version 1.4.5 for free!