What is Terraria?

Terraria Version 1.2.12785 Download: The Great Action-Packed 2D Sandbox is Here on iOS

Terraria is a 2D action-packed sandbox game that lets you explore, dig, build and fight. If you have ever played Minecraft then you will see that this is similar but features loads of different content and great randomly generated 2D worlds. We will take a look at the game’s features as well as some cheats, tips & tricks.

Developed by Re-Logic and published by 505 Games, the game first released on PC for $9.99 and has since then been released on various platforms. You can get it on iOS devices for $4.99 and Android devices for $5.59. It’s also available on Xbox 360 and PSN (that includes PS3, PS4 and PS Vita) for $14.99. There is an Xbox One version and a Nintendo 3DS version available for $19.99 as well as a Wii U version for $29.99.

The game is packed with content. Terraria features:

  • Multiplayer! Local WiFi support lets you play with up to 4 players cross-platform on any mobile device.
  • 1360+ Crafting recipes! That’s right, tons of weapons, armor, potions and more can be crafted in your exciting adventures.
  • 450+ Enemies! Get ready to encounter various different monsters as you explore far and deep into the many worlds of Terraria.
  • 100+ Block types that let you build anything you want! The possibilities are truly endless with the various different blocks that you can use. Players all over the world have built many creative things.
  • 30+ Pets! Summon various different pets to follow you in your journeys. These pets can range from a cute bunny to a ferocious, sweet baby dinosaur.
  • 20+ Bosses! Get ready to fight a variety of large and aggressive monsters, from the Eye of Cthulhu to the Eater of Worlds.
  • A variety of different environments to explore!
  • Day/night cycles, dynamic water and deadly lava!
  • Create randomly generated worlds that are as big as 4200 x 1200 tiles, which on PC is considered a “Small” world.

Terraria Version 1.2.12785 Download: The Great Action-Packed 2D Sandbox is Here on iOS

Cheats, Tips & Tricks

  • Get wood right after you enter the world of Terraria. Right when you land on the ground, your first goal to survival should be chopping down trees with your axe to get some wood. Be sure to chop away at the exact base of the tree so you don’t create stumps in the process. All that wood you collect from those trees should be used to build a home base/shelter. Before you do that though, you should use ten pieces of wood to create a workbench. With this workbench you will be able to craft much better items. The workbench will be an important part of your home.
  • Fight those slime monsters so you can craft torches. After you have built your home, you will probably want to get some torches to light up the home when it’s dark. Use a pickaxe or sword if you have one and take out some slime monsters. Those gels you collect from them can be used together with wood to create torches. Be sure set up torches around your home as soon as you can.
  • Another important piece of your home is the furnace. To craft a furnace, you will need to gather some stone which can be found on the ground surface. Use your pickaxe and mine away. Collect 20 stone blocks, return back to your workbench and craft the furnace. With the furnace you can craft things such as copper and iron, materials which you will need later on to craft better items.
  • Your next objective should be to find some iron. Iron looks somewhat similar to stone. It’s a bit darker than stone with a slight brown tint. You can also see iron shining in the sunlight. It’s probably better to just dig a bit underground and find an abundant iron ore vein. Once you’ve got some iron, go back and smelt the iron in the furnace and use those iron bars to craft an anvil in your house. You can then use the anvil and create a good pickaxe and broadsword. Shortswords are not that easy to wield on iOS, so you are better of crafting a broadsword.
  • Flail weapons can be really useful because they are throwable and include weapons such as a boomerang. You can use them to hit multiple enemies and easily headshot. The flail weapons will attack any enemies within range and once thrown will come back to get some more hits.
  • Tired of those annoying zombies constantly attacking your house? Here’s a way to stop them. Keep in mind that zombies are measured at 2 x 3 blocks. Simply put an extra block on the floor near your door to get a step up from the incoming zombies. With this extra block you will be able to slash away at those zombies without getting hurt.
  • Try to trap monsters in a hole during a goblin and blood moon invasion. It can really help. To do this, dig a hole deeper than you can jump in depth and two blocks wide. You can then put a roof over the hole so that any monsters that walk toward it can’t jump over it. Watch as those monsters fall into the hole and face the torture of your mighty Spikey Balls.

Terraria Version 1.2.12785 Download: The Great Action-Packed 2D Sandbox is Here on iOS

Terraria Version 1.2.12785 Download iOS

Terraria Version 1.2.12785 APK Download

Download and Install Terraria Using AppSync

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Installing AppSync

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Terraria Version 1.2.12785 Download: The Great Action-Packed 2D Sandbox is Here on iOS

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