Do you like fast paced games, which really tests your hand eye coordination? Do you like endless fun and challenges? If so, then I believe, Subway Surfers is the game for you. Dash as fast as you can through the subway and dodge the oncoming trains. Hits jump and quick time events to help Jake, Tricky and the rest of the crew escape from the inspector and his dog.


Subway Surfers in a Nutshell

Subway Surfers InterfaceCreated by Kiloo and Sybo Games, this daring game of cat and mouse is presented to you in a vivid HD format for stunning visuals and pristine audio experience. The game takes you on a tour through America. There you grind on trains and various other obstacles, while you collect coins and power up to help you clear the challenges. Use those coins to upgrade your character, to give the better gear and abilities. Players can also change the style of board their character uses as well. Go from having a low tech skateboard to a high hover-board to really breeze through the levels. Subway Surfers also offers a great online community. Post your scores and times to the global leader board and see how long you can stay ahead of your friends. Subway Surfers is available on any iOS. This game is positively addictive, but don’t take my word for it. Join today and experience the thrill: Download Subway Surfers – Version 1.50.1


Subway Surfers for PC

The graphics of Subway Surfers are catchy and so captivating, and some lower spec mobile devices can’t handle that. That is mainly why the demand a PC version is so high. Sadly, that has yet to happen, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to play Subway Surfers on your PC.


Step 1: Have the graphics drivers of your PC all updated

Step 2: Download Bluestacks Android Emulator. I found it to be the best emulator for running game apps. Bluestacks can be found here: Bluestacks

Step 3: Once the file in finished download, click it to begin the installation.

Step 4: After the installation is complete, Bluestacks will start up.

Step 5: Search for Subway Surfers and install it

Step 6: Once installed, the application is ready to use. Bluestacks supports both Windows and Mac computers.


Subway Surfers Alternative

Despicable Me Minions RushSubway Surfers is a lot of fun, but not every game is for everyone. So, if you just aren’t feel the style or story behind Subway Surfers or simply just don’t feel up to play a game called that, but you still want to play something fun then try out Despicable Me: Minions Rush. The game stars those loveable yellow bundles of destruction from the hit movie Despicable Me. Run through levels, causing chaos and mischief just like in the movies, while getting to know the characters better. Fun and interactive, Despicable Me: Minions Rush will definitely keep your boredom away.


Download the game today: Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Subway Surfers Coins Cheats

Any character unlocked for Subway Surfers

Goto the characters selection and pick the first boy character. Now pick the girl and hold down select.

Download Subway Surfers APK Version 1.50.2