Reigns 1.01. Download: Rule, Decide, and Enjoy


Want to live the life of a king with all its duties, responsibilities, and benefits? That wish is not an impossibility with Reign, an interactive game from Devolver Digital. Reign will give you the opportunity to become either a malevolent or benevolent ruler of your kingdom through the decisions and actions you make.

The game is pretty simple – think about Solitaire or Tinder with an interesting mix of interactive fiction and an unusual way of executing things. Although the game is pretty simple, the decisions you have to make are not.

What is Reigns 1.01?

Reigns 1.01 work like a card game where you make decisions by simply swiping either to the left or to the right. Before making a decision, however, you will be presented with a card with a brief summary of what the problem or issue is that besets your kingdom.

These issues range from the simple to the complex presented by the gamut of people in your kingdom – from peasants to advisers. Some of these problems might get requests from your allies or a challenge to go to war against your enemies.  Every time you make your decisions, whatever its effects and impacts are to your kingdom will be displayed on your screen through a series of bars which can be seen on your top screen.

Reigns 1.01. Download: Rule, Decide, and Enjoy

Every prudent decision you make means a longer reign while every wrong move means a shorter one. Your decisions can have surprising effects. At one time, you might see your reign ending suddenly. Thanks to the bad decisions you’ve made. You can also credit it to bad luck, unforeseen events, or surprise motivations. All of these elements are what makes the game exciting.

As the reigning monarch, your goal is to maintain the longevity of your dynasty as time and events change. Some of these events can be short-lived while others can extend through centuries. Expect a mix of intrigue that involves scientific breakthroughs, witch hunts, or bloody politics along the way.

You might concoct various strategies in order to enforce your reign, but the key to all of them is the balance. For example, you have to make decisions that make the people happy or you will see yourself hanged to death or overthrown by rebels. Moreover, you also want to make sure that your coffers are always filled or you will see the financial collapse of your kingdom.

Reigns 1.01: The Good and the Bad

As you keep things in balance, you will have surprising and unlikely results. Just when you thought you have the game all figured out, something unusual happens making you do a double-take. At other times, you will find yourself tackling a famine while on the next, you might be dealing with a sorceress who will teach you magic if you prove yourself worthy of her time.

If you manage to last a very long time as the reigning monarch, you will be able to unlock new cards and scenarios. Moreover, if you win the duels, the gameplay becomes more exciting and interesting while your abilities become stronger. There might be a few repetitive plays but on the whole, Reigns manages to bring something fresh to the table.

There are times, however, that the gameplay gets darker. For example, you have to condemn someone to death in order to gain a card. That someone might be the person you love but you are left with no choice if you want to preserve your reign. Despite this, Reign is far from becoming the Game of Thrones as it is still lighthearted in terms of plotline.

On the downside, Reign can get quite boring for those who are looking for action. But for someone who is looking for a much better way to kill time without demanding too much of it, then this game is perfect.

Reign is available on the Apple App Store at $2.99.

Reigns 1.01 Features

The game has been updated and is now available in version 1.01. For those who have played the early version, the bug in the options menu has been fixed. This means that the sound and music volume will not be a problem as it was.

Reigns 1.01. Download: Rule, Decide, and Enjoy

Aside from this, what else can you get from Reign?

  • The game is available in six languages – English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Russian.
  • Easy game control – just swipe left or right to decide the fate of your dynasty. The decisions, however, are not as easy as you think they are.
  • It has six prominent characters – the Prince, the Skeleton, the Courtesan, the Diplomat, the Doctor, and the Royal Dog.

Reigns 1.01 Download

Reigns 1.01 APK

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Reigns 1.01. Download: Rule, Decide, and Enjoy

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