Plague Inc.: You Vs. The World

Can you infect the world? Developed by Ndemic Creations in February 2013, Plague Inc. has infected human and about to ruin the world with a lethal pester. This is a strategic and alarming realistic simulation game which reached over half a million 5 star ratings and features in many newspapers such as Boston Herald, The Guardian, The Economist, New York Post and London Metro! Your objective in playing this game is to create your pathogenic deadly plague to destroy human history as the world does everything to defend itself.

What is new about Plague Inc.?

The game has evolved its impressive strategy and drives the mobile game to more new levels in which you are able to create a new pathogen that causes disease. The moment you contaminate Patient Zero with your development, you must be able to manage the evolution of your pathogen and ensure that it spreads throughout the world to destroy human race. It is you against the world, and only the toughest can survive! Can anybody stop you? Yes, scientists will be able to detect your pathogen if it is too deadly, then they will be able to eradicate it easily. In playing this game, your actions must be in accordance with others’ actions. Various types of plague can be disposed such as fungus, parasite, the nano-virus, the bacteria, prion, virus, and bio-weapon, you may not be aware with those in the beginning, but while playing Plague Inc., you will become a pathogen specialist.

Download Plague Inc 1.11.2

What’s New in Version 1.11.2

Plague Inc. Mutation 11 Discovered – The Plague School Update

1. Plague School – New to the game or want to learn strategies for some of the more exotic disease types? The brand new tutorial has your back. Enrol in the Infectious Disease School to learn the genetic strategies needed to infect the world!
2. Double Strain Cheat – How will the world handle two Patient Zeroes? Start your plague off in two countries at once with this brand new cheat
3. Improved some government AI response routines at higher difficulty levels
4. Enhanced Particle Graphics – Bubbles now explode even more satisfyingly when you pop them!
5. Extra News Headlines – Including headlines submitted by Plague Inc. players!
6. Performance improvements for all devices
7. Minor game balance / AI improvements / bug fix

P.S. also includes a little teaser for the next new disease type (coming soon)!

1.11.2 – Fixes to Trojan Plane flight paths

How to download PC version of Plague Inc.: 

Ndemic Creations developed Plague Inc. for mobile devices, which can also be played on computer. The best way to get the PC version is with Andy software emulator.

Step 1: Download Andy software emulator for free. Click here to download.

Step 2: Install Andy by clicking the installer file.

Step 3: Once you finished installing the file, start and sign up to complete the procedure.

Step 4: Log in with your Google Play account and use the search engine to look for Plague Inc.

Step 5: Download and click install.

Step 6: After the installation, launch the game and enjoy playing it on PC! Have fun spreading the disease!

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