What is NBA 2K17 Version 1.0?

NBA 2K17 is another realistic and great installment in the NBA 2K franchise that improves on the previous entry and offers more. This entry continues to “blur the lines between video game and reality.” We will take a look at some of the changes a bit and then give you some nice cheats, tips & tricks.

Developed and published by 2K Sports, NBA 2K17 is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for $7.99 with In-App Purchases which aren’t necessary to buy to enjoy the game.

The game comes with all the latest changes and swaps in team rosters that let you play as the now powerful Golden State Warriors. Gameplay has received a good amount of improvements. The controls, dribbling and handling of the ball all feel much better now. It’s even better if you use a physical controller, which the game supports. MyCAREER mode is back better than ever before and now comes with the Off-Day Simulator, a new upgraded Badge system and much more.


In short, here are the great new features that this edition offers:

  • Overhaul in gameplay controls and physical controller support.
  • A more in depth MyCAREER mode that features the Off-Day Simulator, more MyPLAYER equipment and attribute options, a new upgraded Badge system and much more.
  • The ability to play with some good old Historic players.
  • A more developed, extended EuroLeague with new teams included.
  • Use Alternate Team Uniforms if you don’t like the main ones.
  • More ways to earn Virtual Currency.

Cheats, Tips & Tricks

  • Try not to get confused by the My NBA 2K17 companion app for console and PC versions of the game. This version is entirely separate from the companion app.
  • Developer 2K Sports has put in a lot of work on MyCareer, the mode that lets you create your very own custom player that can be upgraded as you progress through the game. Apart from the in-depth MyCareer simulation, the mode also comes complete with endorsement deals and a story that puts focus on your custom character and Michael B Jordan’s Justice Young.
  • If you do buy the game then you should know that you can expect the regular Off-Day Simulation engine. Off-Day Simulation lets you choose what you want to do with the days that have no NBA match. You can do things such as practice various techniques or you can negotiate endorsement deals with big companies to earn Virtual Currency. Virtual Currency is an important part of the game, no matter whether you play on console, PC or mobile devices.
  • Another cool new feature coming to the iOS and Android version of NBA 2K17 is the newly upgraded Badge system. As you play you get awarded Badges for playing in a specific way.
  • Each team has alternate uniforms available if you don’t want to use their main ones.
  • One of the things that any fan likes to see in a NBA 2K17 game is the ability to play with some good old teams. Each new NBA 2K17 game lets you experience some of the league’s classic teams and match ups. Some of these include, for example, The United States’ National Team.
  • This iOS version also comes with the ability to play with good old Historic players.
  • NBA 2K17 comes with support for league expansion so you can add in more teams to the league that fully integrate into the scheduling, draft, commentary, free agency and much more parts of the NBA . You will also be able to add edited or rebranded NBA teams, teams from the Euroleague or classic teams.


NBA 2K17 Walkthrough

  • Luckily the game doesn’t fully force you to use Virtual Currency for every part of the game, and that is thanks to the $7.99 price tag on the game. Other developers would usually just make their iOS and Android versions free to get as many people to play it, but that also means that they have to somehow force players into making In-App Purchases. But if it’s a paid game, then there’s not much need to add in In-App Purchases. If for some reasons you still need to buy Virtual Currency and don’t want to wait to earn it while playing, then there are 6 different VC Packs on offer to buy. The cheapest one, called “Prospect VC Pack” costs $0.99, while the most expensive one, called “Legend VC Pack” costs a whopping $49.99.
  • You should check how much space you have on your device, because NBA 2K17 takes up a good 3GB of space.
  • NBA 2K17 requires an iOS 9 or later and works on an iPhone 5s and later.

NBA 2K17 Version 1.0 Download iOS

NBA 2K17 Version 1.0 APK Download

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NBA 2K17 Version 1.0 APK Download: The Most Realistic Basketball Game on iOS

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