What is MONOPOLY Game 1.2.95?

MONOPOLY Game 1.2.95 Download: The Popular Board Game Now On iOS

MONOPOLY Game 1.2.95, The classic Monopoly board game, one of the most popular board games in the world has been fully recreated on iOS and Android devices by developer Electronic Arts (EA). Get ready to buy, sell and trade famous properties ranging from the Marvin Gardens to Water Works to Park Place. Own and manage the popular buildings of the Monopoly board. Try to make as many Monopolies as you can to bankrupt your competitors. Create monopolies by collecting all of the properties of a specific color. The values go higher the more you move around the board.

The MONOPOLY Game is available on iOS devices for $0.99 and Android devices for $2.22.

This mobile version includes your classic monopoly gameplay. Controls are easy. It includes tapping and shaking your phone to roll the dice. There are three different AI difficulty settings and five different game environments that serve as the background. Play online locally with up to 3 friends via WiFi or up to 2 friends via Bluetooth Multiplayer.

You can save games in progress, edit game rules to add auctions, edit free parking and the value for landing right on “Go”.

MONOPOLY Game 1.2.95 Download: The Popular Board Game Now On iOS

Everyone starts with 15 million monopoly currency units. Once it’s your turn, you roll the dice and move through all those spaces. Build houses, collect park places and board walk on the green ones with the objective to bankrupt all your competitors and become the richest player at the end of the game.

The game gives you the ability to turn on your own music, but there are also three monopoly playlists you can use instead.  These include music such as smooth jazz straight out of the 20s, and they are really nice to listen to. Sound effects aren’t anything to write home about. You won’t hear much noise out of the game except for things like dings and pounding of pieces.

Everything progresses smoothly. You don’t have to work with all the physical items such as counting the amount of money you have, adding houses or moving the pieces. AI competitors move fast so there’s not much to wait for your next turn.  All this is what makes this digital recreation of the board game so great. It’s all very well designed. It’s not just the board and the pieces that look nice. Even the background room you play in fits well in the game.

MONOPOLY Game 1.2.95 Download: The Popular Board Game Now On iOS

Animations are nice, consisting of things such as the bursting of gold dollar signs when money is exchanged to the movement of the pieces. You can even see the dog walk around or the iron steam ahead, which is pretty nice.

What’s pretty cool is that the game saves your progress if you haven’t finished. Monopoly games can take a while to finish, so this is a great feature. It even saves games you play with friends via WiFi/Bluetooth, so you can all come back later to where you left off.

Tips & Tricks

Need help? Here are some nice tips & tricks to help you out:

  • The basic strategy is to land on and buy properties that nobody owns. You may need to have some luck to land on properties that provide a better edge over your opponents. Other factors can benefit you as well, such as bidding the right amount, trading with other players, building hotels to increase rent and more.
  • Focus on collecting cards that have the same color. Doing this will give you “Monopoly”, an ability that allows you to improve your property by building hotels, houses and so on.
  • Running low on monopoly currency? Buy or trade cheap properties colored dark brown and light blue. This should help as you can build more houses and hotels that will yield you higher rent.
  • Buy expensive properties colored green if you have enough funds. Doing this will yield you higher rental returns and higher mortgage values.
  • Take out your competitors faster by building more hotels/houses.
  • Be sure to buy and/or trade Utilities. Have as many of these properties to increase your rental income by a ton.
  • If you have a property that is the last piece to another player’s set then you should try to trade to get more out of those properties.
  • While bidding, be sure to check the price of the property and if necessary mortgage your current property to try and get the new one. You can do this against an AI opponent. Keep in mind that you will pay 10% extra when trying to un-mortgage the property. If you think it all through then the gain will far surpass the 10% loss.

MONOPOLY Game 1.2.95 Download

MONOPOLY Game 1.2.95 APK Download

Download MONOPOLY Game 1.2.95 using vShare

MONOPOLY Game 1.2.95 Download: The Popular Board Game Now On iOS
vShare is one of the best way to get paid apps on Apple App Store free. vShare app has a vShare custom store and there are many apps available for free. vShare is a great tool for those users who don’t have a jailbroken iOS device or Cydia.

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Disclaimer: Using cracked apps is illegal. The purpose for posting this method is to help users test the app before buying it on Apple App Store. Developers spend a lot of time efforts to develop the app, we recommend users to delete the app after testing and buy the app on Apple App Store. The purpose of the posting does not support piracy or other piracy-related apps.

How to download and install vShare

  1.  Unlock you iOS device
  2. Open the Safari app
  3.  Type http://www.vshare.com in the Safari browser
  4.  Select Download (Unjailbroken option should be available)
  5.  There might be a warning. Press Install anyway.MONOPOLY Game 1.2.95 Download: The Popular Board Game Now On iOS
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  7. When the app finished installing, click on the app. There would be a warning message.
  8. Select Trust and vShare will open.

MONOPOLY Game 1.2.95 Download: The Popular Board Game Now On iOS

This is it! vShare is installed on your iPhone or iPad. You can start downloading and installing MONOPOLY Game 1.2.95 for free!