What is Moji Maker Version 1.4?

Moji Maker is an app that lets you create your own custom emojis using a variety of different emoji parts. If you’re bored of the default emojis that can be rather limited when trying to express emotions, then this app is perfect for creating the emojis that you want.

Developed and published by AppMoji Inc, Moji Maker is available on iPhone and iPad for $0.99 and contains In-App Purchases.

The app lets you make an endless amount of custom emojis by remixing existing emoji parts and creating new, creative emojis, such as a pile of poo with eyes. That’s always creative. Apart from that you will see hundreds of face shapes, expressive facial features and hand gestures. It’s fun and simple to use, and there’s a ton of funny emojis you can create with this app.

If you want to position parts perfectly, then you can head over to the Adjustments page where you can do pixel-perfect positioning. You can easily save your favorite emojis to the home page gallery for quick access in the future. Sending these emojis work fine as well, but keep in mind that these aren’t actually emojis. They are just large HD images. Every developer is limited to this, unfortunately, and Moji Maker is no exception. This is the only way they can go about it. You should be aware of this at all times so you don’t send your custom emojis by SMS. Sending custom emojis over an internet-only chat service such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or iMessage is not a problem.

Overall, there’s tons of different artwork to work with. But it’s still missing a few things. The main issue is that there is a lack of skin tones in the faces and hands. There’s only the standard yellow color and the unusual hue for zombies and robot faces. A feature that would allow you to change the color of these parts would be great and highly welcomed than the limited options offered now.


Moji Maker Walkthrough

There’s some interface issues as well. These include a rather poor save and quit process and a trash icon that occasionally overlaps with the tab bar. There does not seem to be any undo and redo buttons. Having the undo and redo buttons could save up lots of time when trying out various combinations.

All in all, Moji Maker is highly worth the price tag that offers you an almost infinite amount of custom emojis to create. There are some issues but the app is still worth it if you are tired of the regular emojis. It’s the kind of app I’ve been looking for as the emojis offered by Apple aren’t enough for me to put what I want. While they are nice, Moji Maker lets me make exactly what I want by combining various emoji parts from the standard emojis. Unfortunately, it is limited in the color department. I would really love it if I could customize my emojis to any color I want, so I can make a blue happy face or green pile of poo with red eyes and many other wacky things.


Moji Maker Version 1.4 Features

To sum it all up, here is what the app features:

  • Great HD graphics that have been built from the ground up.
  • Lots of customization. Features basic photo editing options such as move, pinch to resize, layer, flip and more.
  • Easy synchronization to the Moji app that allows you to send your custom emojis to the keyboard for easy access.
  • Ability to easily save to your gallery and edit your existing emojis.
  • Use in almost any app to send as an emoji or sticker size.
  • Thousands of designs that include: Yellow Faces, Eyes, Eyebrows, Noses, Mouths, Hands, Hats, Glasses, Hair, Beards, Mustaches, Masks, Accessories, Poo, Alien, Animals and much more.

The Good

  • Quick and easy creation of endless custom emojis.
  • Thousands of different designs that you can use to create the emoji you always wanted.
  • An infinite amount of possible combinations.
  • Pixel perfect placement and various other nice features seen in photo editing apps.
  • Easily sync to the Moji app to add your custom emojis to the keyboard for quick access.

The Bad

  • Poor save and quit process.
  • Interface issues. Trash icon can sometimes overlaps with the tab bar.
  • No undo and redo buttons.
  • Needs more skin tones. An option that lets you change the colors of emoji parts would be great.

Moji Maker 1.4 Download iOS

What’s new in version 1.4

Version 1.4 brings us hundreds of new designs and performance updates. Now there’s even more content to the already thousands of designs offered.

Download and Install Moji Maker Version 1.4 Using AppCake

AppCake is one of the most popular tool for users to download and install cracked apps. It is one of the most widely used tool besides Installous.

Install AppCake is easy and straightforward. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to install and use AppCake on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

Disclaimer: Using cracked apps is illegal. The purpose for posting this method is to help users test the app before buying it on Apple App Store. Developers spend a lot of time efforts to develop the app, we recommend users to delete the app after testing and buy the app on Apple App Store. The purpose of the posting does not support piracy or other piracy-related apps.

How to install AppCake on iPhone or iPad

prerequisite before you install App Cake:

  • iPhone or iPad
  • iPhone or iPad with iOS5 or later
  • Jailbroken device, Cydia installed
  1. First thing you have to do is to make sure your iPhone or iPad is jailbroken.
  2. Tap on Cydia on your device and launch it
  3.  Go to Manage, then go to Sources
  4. After you see the sources menu, Press Edit
  5. Select Add
  6. A Pop-Up will show up, add the URL: , select Add Source.Moji Maker Version 1.4 APK Download: Create Custom Emojis on iOS
  7. Source Warning would pop up. Press Add anyway. It would take some time for your iPhone or iPad to download these resources.
  8. There would be source updates for AppCake. When the update process is complete, press Return to Cydia.
  9. Tab from the Source menu.Moji Maker Version 1.4 APK Download: Create Custom Emojis on iOS
  10.  Press AppCake from All Packages menu.Moji Maker Version 1.4 APK Download: Create Custom Emojis on iOS
  11. Select Install. After that, select Confirm which would appear on the top right of your screen.
  12. After it’s successfully installed, press Restart Springboard.

How to use AppCake on iPhone or iPad

After you’ve successfully installed AppCake, you can start using AppCake

  1. Use Springboard to open AppCake
  2. Use browser categories. You can also use Search to look for Moji Maker Version 1.4.

Finally, it’s done. Enjoy!