LINE is a simple instant messaging and VoIP app that allows one to make free voice / video calls and text messages from any iOS device or PC. Your friends and family are just a tap or click away with the LINE app.


What Is LINE Exactly

LINE InterfaceWell, just like Skype, Yahoo Messenger and Facebook Chat, LINE allows its users to send messages and make calls through the use of your mobile’s internet connection. However, its aim it to create and ideal platform that will appeal to younger users. Apart from the traditional messages and photo and audio sharing features, it includes many stickers which you can add to your conversations for a little play.  Emoticons will brighten the most boring of conversations and with an extremely wide variety to choose from pre-installed, never suffer from a dull conversation again. In the event that a user can’t find the right emoticon, there are downloadable emoticon pack as well. Another feature most notable, is its Timeline. This lets the user record the little moments in their life, for all other users to see. This includes all messages and photos as well. Naturally, these features would appeal to a younger audience, but what really has them sold is the simplicity of the app’s design. Even with all those seemingly complicated features, LINE’s user interface is minimalistic and well structured. If you are interested in trying this app for yourself on your iOS device, head on over to here: Download LINE  version 5.9.5


LINE Is Available For the PC and Mac 

The makers have graciously created a desktop app for all the LINE users and lovers out there. Getting the app is pretty simple, but I will still include a short guide to ensure your success.


Line Desktop LoginStep 1: You must have LINE installed and active on your iOS device.

Step 2: Head over to their website and download the installation file. Link found here: LINE

Step 3: Click the installation file to begin the installation process.

Step 4: Once the Installation is complete, the LINE login screen will appear. Enter in your credentials and log in.

Step 5: Celebrate, you’ve done it.

Download Line APK Android Version

Not a LINE Fan?

NimbuzzLINE is a great app, but its features and design may not exactly be your cup of tea. So, why try Nimbuzz Messenger? Nimbuzz is another free text and call application available for both iPhones and PCs. With over 160-million users all sharing photos, videos and other media through Nimbuzz Messenger it’s safe to say that the app is super popular. But don’t just take my word for it, download Nimbuzz Messenger and experience it for yourself.


Download Available Here: Nimbuzz Messenger



If you have any bugs with Line Massager, leave a comment below.