What is KEVMOJI by Kevin Hart 1.2?

KEVMOJI by Kevin Hart is an emoji app and one of the first emoji apps to feature real faces and real video-based GIFs. This app jumped way up to the top of the Apple App Store’s paid apps chart within 5 hours of release. KEVMOJI isn’t the only emoji app that features a celebrity. Other celebrities have also recently got their own emoji apps, such as Ellen DeGeneres and Kim Kardashian West.

Made by Hartbeat Digital, LLC in partnership with Snaps, KEVMOJI is available on iOS devices for $1.99. There is one In-App Purchase called KEVMOJI STICKERS, which costs $0.99 and is only for iOS 10 and iMessage. It unlocks some funny animated Kevin Hart heads. Please note that the KEVMOJI keyboard works with an iPhone 5S and above, while the Stickers In-App Purchase only works on iOS 10 software on iMessage.

Before the app got into development, Kevin Hart, who recently got married, said that: “When we decided to make Kevmoji, all I knew is that we had to do something no one else was doing,”. He then continued: “So here we are, literally changing the face of iMessage by creating a real experience through emojis and stickers, rather than in animation.”


KEVMOJI by Kevin Hart Version 1.2 Reactions

The KEVMOJI by Kevin Hart app went off to a high start within 5 hours of release and managed to easily hit the no. 1 spot thanks to his active marketing on social media networks where he has almost 100 million followers. Hart went on social media networks to thank his beloved fans for “breaking the internet”. He then goes on and encourages his fans and everyone to continue “destroying the Internet”.

“I love my fans….We are breaking the Internet people!!!!! Everybody is loving my “KevMoji” App….Lets keep destroying the Internet damn it!!!! Download my “KevMoji” app from my Bio!!!!! #KevMoji,”  Celebrity Kevin Hart wrote.

With such a head start, Kevin Hart is bound to be singing his way to the bank right now who collected in over $80 million between June 2015 and 2016. Apple is also featuring the KEVMOJI by Kevin Hart app in the App Store’s “new apps we love” section.

Please note that before buying KEVMOJI by Kevin Hart, you should keep in mind which audience it is targeted for. If you’re a parent, please note that KEVMOJI by Kevin Hart is rated for users aged 17 and older. The reason for this is because the emoji app features: “Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity, Frequent/Intense Mature/Suggestive Themes, Frequent/Intense Profanity or Crude Humor, Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References.”


KEVMOJI by Kevin Hart 1.2 reviews

The reviews for the KEVMOJI by Kevin Hart app have been rather, mixed. Just like some of the other emoji apps based on a celebrity, there’s been some suspicion regarding the information this app collects when using the integrated QWERTY keyboard. Please keep this in mind before getting this app. Your personal information you send out may be at risk. If you’re a fan of Kevin Hart and are sure that you have no important information at risk by using it, then by all means go ahead. Otherwise, it might be best to stay away from apps that have access to your credit card info, as you never know what can happen. Here’s a review written by “Despicable crush head”, a person that is worried about his personal information being at risk:

I don’t like the fact my personal info and things I text are accessible to people i don’t know (app developer). We got enough crooked people that find ways to access your personal info and the privacy terms on both the app and iTunes says third party will have access to your personal info, TEXT (😳)messages & critical info such as credit card, address, phone numbers Etc. That’s to risky and I will not use this app until iTunes require this as an option to us that will allow us to choose not to require in order to use the keyboard or app for that matter and we gotta pay for the app. It’s forcing us to allow it not the right to choose.”.

KEVMOJI by Kevin Hart 1.2 App Features

So, what does KEVMOJI by Kevin Hart feature? Well, it features:

  • Emojis based on celebrity Kevin Hart.
  • Stickers
  • Animated Stickers that include animated Kevin Hart heads.
  • Real video-based GIFs.
  • Sound Bites.
  • A fully integrated, QWERTY keyboard.

KEVMOJI by Kevin Hart 1.2 Download iOS

KEVMOJI by Kevin Hart 1.2 APK Download

Download and Install KEVMOJI by Kevin Hart 1.2 Using AppCake

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How to install AppCake on iPhone or iPad

prerequisite before you install App Cake:

  • iPhone or iPad
  • iPhone or iPad with iOS5 or later
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  2. Tap on Cydia on your device and launch it
  3.  Go to Manage, then go to Sources
  4. After you see the sources menu, Press Edit
  5. Select Add
  6. A Pop-Up will show up, add the URL: , select Add Source.KEVMOJI by Kevin Hart 1.2 APK Download: The Kevin Hart Emoji App on iOS
  7. Source Warning would pop up. Press Add anyway. It would take some time for your iPhone or iPad to download these resources.
  8. There would be source updates for AppCake. When the update process is complete, press Return to Cydia.
  9. Tab from the Source menu.KEVMOJI by Kevin Hart 1.2 APK Download: The Kevin Hart Emoji App on iOS
  10.  Press AppCake from All Packages menu.KEVMOJI by Kevin Hart 1.2 APK Download: The Kevin Hart Emoji App on iOS
  11. Select Install. After that, select Confirm which would appear on the top right of your screen.
  12. After it’s successfully installed, press Restart Springboard.

How to use AppCake on iPhone or iPad

After you’ve successfully installed AppCake, you can start using AppCake

  1. Use Springboard to open AppCake
  2. Use browser categories. You can also use Search to look for KEVMOJI by Kevin Hart 1.2.

Finally, it’s done. Enjoy!