Kodi needs a jailbroken iPhone and iPad for installation. But now this is a thing of the past. You can now install and sidled Kodi on iPhone or iPad without jailbreak, running on the latest iOS 9, 9.1 and 9.2 with ease. The kodi is a multiple platform media center with an app available in Cydia. Apple’s new side-load feature can be installed through the iOS App Signer that is a quick process. On the account of Apple permitting users to sidled apps through iOS devices through Xcode 7. Users can sidled Kodi for installation without jailbreak. So, from Apple rather than any third party tutorial, you can use these pearls of wisdom to install koi for iOS 9.2.1 without jailbreaking.

Compatible devices comprise iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6. Earlier versions which are compatible with iPhone include 5S, 5, 4S as well as iPad Air, Mini and iPod Touch. Those conversant with Xcode will find it simple for installing Kodi on iOS 9 sans a jailbreak. Everything needs to be discussed in detail for getting Kodi on the iDevice.

Step 1: This is only intended for the Mac OS so the installation should be as follows. Xcode 7 should be installed on the Mac machine and the Kodi deb files are downloading resulting in download of iOS App Signer from this.



Step 2: Once the downloading is complete, Xcode can be launched on the Mac and a new Xcode project option can be selected. App needs to be highlighted under the iOS panel.

Step 3: Following a Single View Application within the main interface, users have the option to choose Product and Organization Name typing in unique names and proceeds.

Step 4: You can select the location and choose options with some complaints. You can then click on the fix issue button and move forward

Step 5: You need to ensure that the iPhone/iPad is connected to the Mac and signed into Xcode with Apple password and ID.

Step 6: The iOS App Signer can be launched following the Browse and Input file button

Step 7: The next step is the selection of the Kodi deb file and signing of the Certificate and Provisioning Profile options.

How to Install Kodi for iOS 9.2 without Jailbreaking

Step 8: Following this, one has to click on the Start button to select the start name and destination output file.

Step 9: Within the Xcode window menu, connected devices are selected from a set and then the newly cooked Kodi is browsed for to commence with the installation.

So you need to download the Kodi.deb file, the iOS App Signer and ensure Xcode 7 is installed. Then iOS device needs to be connected to Mac, Xcode needs to be launched and a fresh application need to be made. The team drop down box ensures that the current team is selected with a login through the present Apple ID. You then need to minimize Xcode and launch the iOS app signer and open Xcode, click the Window in the menu bar and select devices. Kodi app should be built and deployed to the device.

Once Kodi is deployed within the device, it can be unplugged from the Mac and commence using the app. No jailbreak is needed to do this.