To install AppSync unified on iOS 9.2 on iPhone/iPad can be through sites such as HipStore, vShare and AppCake, users will install a tweak known as AppSync on the iPhone or iPad. If one is not aware of what AppSync is, this package provides the ability to install apps or unassigned apps as one is called to the iPhone or iPad without the App Store. Jailbreak tweak is extremely easy for developers to test out products before submission to Apple for a review. AppSync Unified is currently available for install on iOS 9. This tweak is still working on an iOS 9 devices. App Sync is for educational purposes only.

There is no official update for AppSync Unified to support iOS 9.0, yet this is still compatibility with iOS 9 jailbreaking. Similar packages from other repository based on PP Sync can be used. If one is trying to install iPA files on the iDevice using AppAddict, vShare or AppCake, App Sync needs to be installed first. Without a Cydia tweak, neither app can be installed on iPA files within the iDevice regardless of whether it is an iPhone or iPad.

How to Install AppSync Unified on iOS 9.0 on iPhone iPad

App Sync Unified as working tweak ensures that when all other App Sync app versions have not succeeded in delivering the support for installation in iPA files. AppSync refers to a jailbreak tweak that can install unsigned iPA files and this can be possible on jailbroken iDevice through the aid of Cydia installer. App Sync installation prior to other jailbreak app. App Sync Unified is the newest version at the moment. According to the users report, only unified apps can install unsigned iPA apps.

AppSync Unified 9.2 Step 1:

There are many jailbreak tools available for multiple devices, this can be used for jailbreaking the iDevice. If one has already jailbroken iDevice just move to the next step.

AppSync Unified 9.2 Step 2:

The jailbreak tool contains Lydia installer deb file important for installing App Sync. App Sync Unified Supports include AppCake, App Addict, Kuaiyong, 25PP, iPA installer, HipStore and Zeusmos.

How to Install AppSync Unified on iOS 9.0 on iPhone iPad

Another repo source containing official AppSync IOS 9.0.2 or App Sync Unified. To this official repo source, one can add on the Cydia installer and look for App Sync Unified. Make sure you do not install any fake App Sync from another repository. App Sync unified apps crash on iOS 8.4 currently.

For installing the tweak(to install moviebox on iOS 9.2), one can add the repository of the tweak. Unlock the device and launch Cydia application. Then, one needs to click on Sources located at the bottom of the application. Click on Edit and followed by addition of Add.

Install App Sync Cydia tweak on the device. Unlock the device and launch the Cydia application and click on the search icon located at the lower right corner while the next step is to type in App Sync Unified and select the tweak as well as click on install. This may take some time and Cydia will respiring the device.