What is Heads Up! Version 3.6?


Heads Up! Is a fun and nice little party game that was first seen on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Using only one iPhone or iPad you can play with a friend or a group of friends and compete in a sort of trivia contest. It’s a great game for gathering the family together and for groups that don’t know what to do.

Developed by Warner Bros. Entertainment, you can get Heads Up! on iPhone and iPad for $0.99.

So, how do you play this game exactly? Well, first off, you choose a category from various themed decks of cards. The game mixes up trivia with things such as recognizing silly accents, playing out an action such as classic Charades, humming music to guess a song and lots more hilarious activities.

Once you are ready to begin, start the game and make sure to hold your iPhone or iPad facing outward so your friends can look at the screen. They will see the answer appear on the screen and their goal will be to try and give you clues without telling you a word that’s part of the answer or anything rhymes with it. Solve as many cards as you can within a 1 minute time limit.


Heads Up! Version 3.6 Walkthrough

The person that holds the iPhone or iPad should never look at the screen, since well, that would be cheating. Because of this the game has accelerometer gestures that are used to control the game. The holder controls the game by turning the iPhone or iPad face down when answering correctly and moving on to the next card, or facing the iPhone or iPad up if the holder can’t guess the answer of the card and wants to move to the next card and try to make use of what time is left.

Once a round has finished you will be able to see how much cards you answered correctly as well as calculate your score. Then you should probably hand it over to someone else to see how they do. What I really like about this game is that it records videos of your friends trying to give you clues. This can be hilarious depending on what your friends are trying to give you a clue for. You can also choose an option that lets you share these videos on social media networks or just save them on your phone.

Unfortunately, the game contains In-App-Purchases despite it already being a paid game. These In-App Purchases include various decks and each cost $0.99.

Another issue, albeit a small one, is that the game doesn’t keep a record of everyone’s score. So make sure to get a pen and paper ready to write down the score after each round if you want to compete with friends for the highest score.


Heads Up! Version 3.6 Game Features

To sum it all up, here is what the game features:

  • 40+ themed decks featuring various fun cards. Decks include: Celebrities, Movies, Characters, Animals, Accents and much more.
  • Play with a friend, a group or with your family on one iPhone/iPad.
  • Save hilarious videos of your friends trying to give clues and/or share them to social media networks such as Facebook.
  • A variety of different categories to keep you and your friends and/or family laughing all the way.

The Good

Heads Up! offers a fun experience that you can play with one friend or a group on one iPhone. Featuring various fun decks, you are bound to have a good time and laugh playing with your friends. It’s awesome that the game records videos as well. You are bound to have some hilarious moments, so it’s great to have it all recorded to watch and show to other friends as well.

The Bad

Unfortunately, the app does not keep track of scores you and your friends have achieved. Because of this you will probably want to get a pen and paper ready to write down those scores. What’s a bit disappointing is that the game contains In-App Purchases even though you already have to buy the game to play it. In-App Purchases include decks which cost $0.99, just like the game does.

The Verdict

Heads Up! is a great party game that, despite the In-App Purchases, still has enough fun content to satisfy your friends. It’s a nice game to play when you and your friends are bored and got nothing to do.

Heads Up! 3.6 Download iOS

What’s new in version 3.6

Version 3.6 introduces the ability to connect the game to your TV using Airplay. A new store section has also been added that contains things such as new decks, special offers and more.

Download and Install Heads Up! Version 3.6 Using AppCake

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Install AppCake is easy and straightforward. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to install and use AppCake on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

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How to install AppCake on iPhone or iPad

prerequisite before you install App Cake:

  • iPhone or iPad
  • iPhone or iPad with iOS5 or later
  • Jailbroken device, Cydia installed
  1. First thing you have to do is to make sure your iPhone or iPad is jailbroken.
  2. Tap on Cydia on your device and launch it
  3.  Go to Manage, then go to Sources
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  5. Select Add
  6. A Pop-Up will show up, add the URL: cydia.iphonecake.com , select Add Source.Heads Up! Version 3.6 APK Download: The Hilarious Party Game on iOS
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  8. There would be source updates for AppCake. When the update process is complete, press Return to Cydia.
  9. Tab cydia.iphonecake.com. from the Source menu.Heads Up! Version 3.6 APK Download: The Hilarious Party Game on iOS
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  12. After it’s successfully installed, press Restart Springboard.

How to use AppCake on iPhone or iPad

After you’ve successfully installed AppCake, you can start using AppCake

  1. Use Springboard to open AppCake
  2. Use browser categories. You can also use Search to look for Heads Up! Version 3.6.

Finally, it’s done. Enjoy!