Remember playing Pokemon, Super Mario, Zelda and other  GBA games when you’re a kid? Well, now you can experience your childhood again with this GBA Emulator for iPhone/iPad without jailbreaking. It is more easy to install GBA4iOS with Cydia, but why would you want to jailbreak your iPhone when you can install GBA4iOS on non-jailbreak device which is better for warranty and other stuff.


If you have updated your idevices which is iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 4s, and iPad air to iOS 9.0 then you can install GBA4iOS without jailbreaking. The Game Boy Advance emulator was very easy to install before Apple App Store patched the time date glitch. Now the GBA4iOS require a certificate to run. To get started Just follow this very basic methods in installing GBA4iOS without jailbreak by:

How to Install GBA4iOS on iPhone 6 without Jailbreaking Instruction

  1. Step one: Open Safari on your iDevice(iPhone 6s, iPad that is updated to iOS 9.0 or higher)
  2. Visit the site: or click here
  3. on iemulators you will see the “Apps tab”.
  4. To install GBA4iOS, simplely just Tap and it’ll ask for install.
  5. Once you have install GBA4iOS (you can pay $9.99/year for the buildstore that already have GBA already installed on a server) or you can store your own GBA Roms on a Google drive server.


How to Download/Load Roms for GBA4iOS with Google/Dropbox

After installing GBA4iOS, the next thing is download your favorite roms. you can download the roms by using Google search. With the rom downloaded, you now have to Sync Dropbox.

  1. Goto dropbox Setting and enable dropbox sync
  2. The Dropbox Sync option is turn off by default, so you must turn it on
  3. You’ll also need to sync your save data’s for the ROM games, so you don’t need to start over again.