What is Bloons TD 5


Bloons TD 5 is a tower defense game that is similar to most tower defense games but much better than the rest thanks to its depth and replayability. Get ready to set up cool towers, hire new Special Agents, choose your favorite upgrades and blast every incoming Bloon in one of the best tower defense games developed and published by Ninja Kiwi.

When you start up the game and play you will notice that there is no tutorial. The reason for this is because the game is so similar to other tower defense games that it expects you to know how the basics work. If this is your first time playing a tower defense game, don’t worry, it’s not too difficult and you will get the hang of it after a few rounds. The first rounds are slow and help you get the hang of the game with a few tips popping up after each round. So, how does this game work? You place towers which in this case are monkeys that shoot darts. You can place them anywhere you want, except the path where the balloons called Bloons will float on from one end of the screen to the other. The monkeys you place will pop these Bloons with their darts which in turn will earn you some amount of cash. You also receive cash after each round. Spend the cash you earn on buying new monkeys or upgrades.

The game features over 20 maps, four different difficulty settings, and a family-friendly theme so anyone can play. There’s also an endless horde mode and a limited cash mode. Unlock and place over 18 different towers of monkeys that have two upgrade paths as you progress through the maps. You can hire “Special Agents” as well use in-game currency that can help you take out those Bloons if you are having trouble during the game. More additions to all these features include: 10 Special Missions, 250 Random Missions, iCloud Support, 50+ Game Center Achievements and Challenges, a Freeplay mode after mastering a map and lots of different Bloons. All of this and regular updates the developers release add up to lots of fun hours of balloon popping gameplay.


At the start of the game, you will only have one type of tower monkey to place: the Dart Monkey. As you progress through the game you will unlock a variety of tower monkeys, such as the Sniper Monkey, the Ninja Monkey, the Boomerang Thrower, cannons and much more. All of these tower monkeys have two upgrade paths that can give them various boosts, such as longer shooting distance, increased the amount of Bloons a dart can pop and much more. After playing a few maps you will notice that, no matter which map you play, the Bloons will always come out in the same order. This makes it easy for you to plan out your strategy yet the game is still fun and keeps things fresh because of the different designs the maps offer. Later on, you will see maps that have different paths for the Bloons to go on, portals that can teleport them from one part of the map to the other, and many more different designs that keep the game interesting.

The game has a variety of different Bloons. When you start your first round you will see the first type of Bloons, the Red Bloons. These are the slowest and most basic type of Bloons that you will see on every map. After a few rounds, you will encounter the Blue Bloons, which are much faster and require two darts to be popped because they have 2 layers of balloons, the first layer being the Blue Bloon and the second after the first one is popped is the basic Red Bloon. Then after a few rounds again you will encounter a new Bloon: the Green Bloon. This one is much faster and has 3 layers of balloons. You will see much more different Bloons later on, such as the Camo Bloons, the Regrower Bloons, and so on. This is just some of the most basic ones. You will be notified when a new type of Bloon is coming next round.


Bloons TD 5 is a fun and addicting tower defense game available on iOS devices for $2.99 and Android devices for $3.14. Both versions contain In-App Purchases. There is also a free browser version with microtransactions and a Steam version that costs $9.99 and contains no microtransactions.

Bloons TD 5 Version 3.3.1 Download

Bloons TD 5 Version 3.3.1 APK

What’s new in version 3.3.1

Version 3.3.1 doesn’t bring us any new features but fixes a bug that caused the game to crash on launch for some players.

Download Bloons TD 5 using vShare


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This is it! vShare is installed on your iPhone or iPad. You can start downloading and installing Bloons TD 5 for free!

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