What is Bike Race Pro


Bike Race Pro is an off-road, fast-paced physics based biking game that puts you riding through deserts, jungles and more. It’s similar to games in the Trials franchise. The goal is to ride the bike from the start to the end of the map as fast as you can. While it does sound easy, it can be quite difficult due to the various obstacles and rough terrain. Bike Race Pro is developed and published by Top Free Games and you can get it for iOS and Android devices for $0.99. This version includes better graphics, fully unlocked levels and no ads. A free version is also available but it does not have the benefits of the Pro version. Both versions still have In-App Purchases.

The bike is simple to control. Tap on the right side of the screen to accelerate or the left side of the screen to brake. Tilt your mobile device to the left to lean your bike backward or tilt right to lean the bike forward. The controls work great and are very responsive, which is an important part of the game as you will have to be very good at it in order to beat the levels fast. You can play on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Once you beat a level, you will be presented with the typical three stars seen in most mobile games. The faster you beat the level, the better chances of getting all three stars. You also have achievements you can beat as well that will let you unlock more bikes. But if you can’t wait or don’t have enough time to try and beat these achievements to unlock the bike you want then you can simply buy the bikes via In-App Purchases.


The game features 9 exciting Worlds containing 72 challenging levels, all unlocked from the beginning.  You can also create your own levels or play levels created by other players. On the user-created levels section the game lets you play 3 featured levels per day. If you want to play more than that then you will have to buy a level pack. Unlimited free levels can be played, created and shared by you and your friends if you have the code. Unfortunately, you can’t create a level on a mobile device. You will have to go to www.bikerace.com to create a level.

You can also play the game in multiplayer mode. Connect to Facebook to race against your friends, no matter what platform or device they are playing on. Or you can play against many other players worldwide. Multiplayer works in a turn-based way. One player beats a random level to set his best record time for it. Then you play and race against their ghost to try and beat their time. After that you set a record time for another random level and then the player races your ghost to try and beat you. Keep winning to get a higher rank on the Game Center and in game leaderboards.

If you want to play unlimited multiplayer matches, you will have to pay for one of three subscriptions that cost: $2.99 weekly, $7.99 monthly and $39.99 annually.


The game supports multiple languages: English, Japanese and Korean. While the game does contain unlockable bikes, there are also three Premium bikes that give you special abilities. You can get them get by buying them.  The three Premium bikes are: Kids Mode, Super Bike and Ultra Bike.

Kids Mode bike gives you three special characteristics: a super helmet, an unbreakable bike and a “Easier to jump” ability. These properties mean that with the Kids Mode bike you can’t die as the bike is unbreakable. The super helmet makes the bike more lightweight, so it is harder to fall and the “Easier to jump” ability means that the bike can fly for a few seconds. This bike costs $14.99.

The Super Bike also has the same looking Super helmet as the Kids Mode bike does. This Super Bike also has the unbreakable ability, but what makes this bike different is that it has the “Super Speed” ability. With this bike it can be much easier to complete hard levels or get 3 stars. This bike costs $19.99.

And the last one is the Ultra Bike.  The Ultra Bike is the fastest bike in the game and the only bike with the “Ultra Speed” ability.  It goes so fast, you may need to slow down a bit depending on what kind of level you are playing. The Ghost ability lets this bike go through the level without dying. The cost of this bike is $29.99.

Bike Race Pro iOS Download

What’s new in version 6.6

Version 6.6 doesn’t bring any new features to the game. The only changes are some small bug fixes.

Download Bike Race Pro using vShare


vShare is one of the best way to get paid apps on Apple App Store free. vShare app has a vShare custom store and there are many apps available for free. vShare is a great tool for those users who don’t have a jailbroken iOS device or Cydia.

This is different from Cydia where you have to install a Cydia repo for it to work. Instead, vShare is essentially a custom app store which has its own website. vShare is a very good alternative of AppCake or Installous. The great thing about it is that iPhone or iPad does not need jailbreak or have Cydia on your iOS device.

Disclaimer: Using cracked apps is illegal. The purpose for posting this method is to help users test the app before buying it on Apple App Store. Developers spend a lot of time efforts to develop the app, we recommend users to delete the app after testing and buy the app on Apple App Store. The purpose of the posting does not support piracy or other piracy-related apps.

How to download and install vShare

Step 1: Unlock you iOS device

Step 2: Open the Safari app

Step 3: Type http://www.vshare.com in the Safari browser

Step 4: Select Download (Unjailbroken option should be available)

Step 5: There might be a warning. Press Install anyway.install vshare 1

Step 6: Go to the home screen by pressing home button. You will see the vShare icon and it shows it’s installing.

Step 7: When the app finished installing, click on the app. There would be a warning message.

Step 8: Select Trust and vShare will open.install vshare 2

This is it! vShare is installed on your iPhone or iPad. You can start downloading and installing Bike Race Pro for free!

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