What is Alto’s Adventure

Alto's Adventure1

Alto’s Adventure lets you endlessly snowboard through beautiful procedurally-generated snowy environments. Featuring gorgeous, minimalist visuals and a calming soundtrack, Alto’s Adventure is sure to keep you coming back thanks to its great, relaxing and addicting gameplay that is easy to learn yet hard to master.

This game falls under the endless runner genre, but instead of endlessly running, you’re endlessly snowboarding.  Made by a small studio in Toronto named Snowman, the game is available on iOS for $3.99 and has no pesky in-game purchases or ads. You can also get the game for free on Android which has opt-in video ads and one in-game purchase that lets you double the amount of in-game currency coins you collect. Play as Alto or one of his friends, each with their own special abilities. One of them is actually a snowboarding llama.

As you adventure through the wilderness and neighboring villages you will rescue fleeing llamas, do some cool tricks such as backflips to score points and avoid things like deadly chasms and rocks. You control your character by tapping the screen to jump over obstacles or to get some air to do some tricks by holding down on the screen. On your snowboarding journey you will find power-ups scattered around as well as coins that will let you unlock upgrades.

Alto's Adventure2
Grind rooftops and wires attached between poles.

This kind of gameplay is easy to learn, but hard to master. You can even chain combos to get even more points and faster speed. The more tricks you make the faster you go, and the longer your scarf will grow. There are 180 handcrafted objectives you can try and beat as you play. You get 3 objectives on each level, and you level up by beating them. Objectives can include things such as collecting a specific number of coins or snowboarding past a specific distance. The game has beautiful dynamic lighting and weather effects. You will experience things such as blizzards, fog, thunderstorms, rainbows, shooting stars and more on your journey. Challenge your friends using the Game Center, competing for the best distance, best high score and best trick combo.

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Snowboard your way through abandoned ruins, ancient woodlands and more while facing various weather effects such as rain, blizzards, thunderstorms and more.

Buy upgrades at Izel’s workshop using the in-game coins you collect. You can even buy a wingsuit that will let you experience a whole new gameplay dynamic. With iCloud support your progression will always be in sync even if you play on both your iPhone and iPad. Immerse yourself in an original, beautiful soundtrack that mixes superbly with the smooth, physics-based gameplay. I recommend using headphones while playing for the full immersive experience.

New features in version 1.3

Version 1.3 brings us 2 new modes, support for more languages and many other changes.

The 2 new modes that have been introduced are: Zen Mode and Photo Mode.

Zen Mode lets you play Alto’s Adventure in a relaxing new way. This calming mode has no score, no game over and no distractions. It removes all the things that hinder a relaxing experience. With Zen Mode, it’s only you and the stunning snowy mountains. So put on some icy headphones and jump in with an entirely new, soothing soundtrack composed exclusively for Zen Mode. To start Zen Mode, you simply swipe from the right edge of the Title Screen and it begins.

Photo Mode lets you capture gorgeous photos from your own mountainous adventures! Take the perfect picture and share it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. You can also save it to your device and share it later if you want. You can enable Photo Mode whenever you want from the Pause Menu.

This version also adds 3 new languages: Arabic, Polish and Turkish. The rest of the available languages are: English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian Bokmål, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese and Welsh.

The rest of the additions to this version include:

  • An option that allows you to reset your gameplay progress. This option can be found in the Settings menu;
  • Slight audio, localization and UI tweaks;
  • Better UI scaling on a variety of screen DPIs and more.

iOS Download 1.3.1

Alto’s Adventure APK 1.3.6

Download Alto’s Adventure using vShare

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How to download and install vShare

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This is it! vShare is installed on your iPhone or iPad. You can start downloading and installing Alto’s Adventure for free!

Currently No Cheats for Alto’s Adventure.