Seldom will you encounter an indie app that engages you with its story, visuals, and mind-boggling puzzles. All three features rolled into one is just impossible – to add that such game is devoid of color but uses a black and white palette. However, there are mavericks that come along once in a while and defy the big ones. This is how you describe this monochromatic and haunting adventure called Albert and Otto.

The game might sound like it’s a brand of men’s shoes but it is indeed a game and an intriguing one at that.

What is Albert and Otto?

Albert and Otto is an adventure game set in 1939 Germany where a young boy named Albert is tasked to rescue his sister who is kidnapped by some mysterious darkness. Aside from seeing his sister vanish, the game does not provide a lot about the storyline. This intent, however, slowly unfolded as the gameplay progresses along with the realization of both the player and the game character that he is the hero of the game.

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Going back to the storyline, Albert is not alone in his quest to rescue his sister as she leaves him her toy bunny, named Otto. It turned out, however, that it is no ordinary toy but a magical one that proves to be an essential companion for his survival during the quest.

Otto gives Albert some special abilities which enable him to do a double jump, which is very effective in reaching higher points as well as hurdling obstacles along the way. It also prevents Albert from hurtling down into a deadly fall many times. However, there’s a point in the game where Otto has to leave Albert to fend for himself and battle the monsters alone. With Otto gone, Albert’s special abilities are also gone, which can be quite depressing after getting used to the double jump.

The loss isn’t forever, though as Otto comes back imbued with stronger powers. On his return, he equips Albert with telekinetic powers which enables him to move objects, pile boxes, drag crates, and other things with an outstretched arm. You can also use this telekinetic power to hold a rock in place and shoot it right into a pipe. There’s a twist to this ability, though – you can only activate it when holding on to Otto otherwise, it is rendered useless. There are some points in the game, however, where you can activate Otto remotely and command him to move electrical switches.

Aside from Otto’s help, Albert is also armed with a gun which he uses to blast off  the monsters that are trying to kill him. The gun is also an essential tool in solving puzzles in the game.

Speaking of the puzzles, they get darker and more subversive as the game progresses. They are interesting nonetheless – ranging from simple to complex and funny to frustrating. Some puzzles are funny and familiar allowing you to solve them without thinking too much while others will stomp and frustrate you, even resulting in a few unnecessary deaths before you are able to figure out how to solve them. On the whole, a lot of these puzzles might make you wince because of the grain of violence in it. Which also serves as a reminder that this game is
not designed for kids or for animal lovers. There are a few numbers of sheep to be sacrificed in order to progress into the game.


Aside from the puzzles, there are also some collectible items into the game that are worth risking your life just to get them. But as far as risk and reward go, you will be surprised that these collectibles are not really essential to you or the adventure other than the element of risk in the game. Moreover, there are also a few minor glitches with the game, such as unnecessary shooting, fiddly controls, and some glitches. Fortunately, the developers of the game have fixed these issues in the recent version.

The game is divided into three episodes. The first episode can be a bit disappointing to some players because it is surprisingly shorter than the next two  episodes. It also tends to be quite repetitive. Aside from these downsides, the game belongs to a league of its own with its unique brand of charm that is not often seen in indie games.

Albert and Otto is reminiscent of Tim Burton’s expressionist movies – dark, somber, and gloomy. If there is one game where Albert and Otto  drew inspiration from, it would be Playdead’s Limbo which showcased  German Expressionism in its aesthetics and gameplay.

This Nikola Kostic puzzle adventure costs $0.99 on the Apple App Store.

Albert and Otto iOS Download


Albert and Otto’s version 1.0.2 has improved performance – thanks to the bug fixes. Aside from that, here are the other features you can find in the game:

  •  2.5 to 3 hours of slow-paced and thought-provoking puzzles coupled with fast-moving gauntlets that will surely test your problem-solving skills.
  • A unique storyline which drew its inspiration from one of darkest hours in history but has been charmingly depicted by monochromatic colors and child-like drawing.
  • Telekinetic abilities to levitate sheep and use as platforms to escape from ravishing and hungry wolves, piranhas, and electrical switches. (Warning: You must have a strong stomach, though when performing these stunts.)
  • Outsmart and eliminate larger than life monsters through the aid of a mechanical bunny.

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