Akinator The Genie invites everyone to think outside the box! Developed by Elokence, Akinator the Genie is very distinctive and exciting game that delights the gamers. He show offs his talents which never end! What am I trying to say? Can you guess? If not, famous genie Akinator can! If you are a fan of guessing games and would love to show some mind magic tricks to your family and friends, Akinator is the perfect Genie to entertain you.

Who is Akinator the Genie?

Created in 2014, Akinator The Genie loves to guess characters, even forgotten ones, and likes to take up difficult challenges! He entertains its users by guessing what they are thinking of. He is able to read people’s minds and tell them the right characters they have chosen! How? The genie simply asks a chain of questions to gather some hints. After that, he gives surprisingly right answers! It does not matter if the character is real like from politics, sports, religious, fashion world, or fictional like Superman, Dora the explorer, The Little Mermaid, Akinator will be able to guess it right! Would you like to challenge the talent possessed by Akinator The Genie? You can also challenge your friends to prove who the best is! Children are also able to play this app safe and sound by simply turning the child filter on.

Download Akinator the Genie 4.4

Game Features
  • There are no boundaries of thoughts! Akinator The Genie wants you to think outside the box. You can challenge him by thinking of difficult characters.
  • Akinator can be customized as you wish, he can be a vampire, cowboy, or disco man. You can use new backgrounds when you unlock it.
  • Akinator’s talents never end!
Akinator the Genie on PC

Playing Akinator The Genie requires internet connection. This game is also available on PC version in many languages like English, German, French, Dutch, Japanese, Korean and more. Here is step by step process to get Akinator The Genie on your PC.

Step 1: Download the android emulator software Andy for free. Click here to download.

Step 2: Start the installation of Andy.

Step 3: When the software has finished installation, start it and complete sign up and log in with your Google Play account.

Step 4: Start Google Play store and look for Akinator The Genie using the search engine. Install.

Step 5: After installing the app, you are now ready to enter the magical world of Akinator. Have fun!

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