What is HotSchedules?


HotSchedules is a fast and easy employee scheduling app that lets business owners and managers create work schedules for their employees quickly. This can really help businesses such as retailers or restaurants that have very busy schedules.

If you ever have time consuming problems such as managing staff and schedules then this app will help you decrease the time you spend on such tasks. It doesn’t matter how big your company is. From working with 7-8 employees to managing a worldwide retail store, HotSchedules provides many ways to solve your problems with its great cloud-based services and products.

Send texts or email alerts to let the staff know about any important messages or schedules. Team members can with a simple one click pick up, swap or release shifts. All schedules and rosters automatically update with any manager’s approved changes.

HotSchedules is available for iOS and Android devices for $2.99. You will have to have a vaild HotSchedules user account for the app to work.


The app eases managers’ lives when it comes to scheduling. No more troublesome work hours of spreadsheets, sticky notes or tons of paper including employees’ requests. HotSchedules lets you create staff schedules online with no problems. Use a variety of schedule templates or just copy and paste other ones and modify them to suit your needs. You can also manage time-off requests and shift swaps from your HotSchedules online account.

This app makes it easy to communicate with all employees. You can make a public announcement for everyone to see or send messages to specific team members. Talk with your team through text or email using the communication platform. Do all this through your computer, your smartphone or your tablet.

You can also create advanced reports on sales trending using POS systems data or reports on staff budget, daily roster and more. Current information is used based on workforce and sales data for predicting schedules up to 4 weeks later.


HotSchedules also lets you manage more options and use more features with the many add-ons available. These add-ons can include things such as a logbook, meal period planner, floor maps and more.

Employees can run the app and login to their account where they can access the work schedule, select shifts or swap them with colleagues. You can also chat with employees or enable notifications for schedule changes, new messages and much more.

To sum it all up, here is a list of app features for business owners, managers and team members:

The app features for business owners and managers include:

  • Option to create specific notifications;
  • Ability to search messages by a keyword;
  • Approve, deny or update shift swap, pick up or release requests;
  • Look at current and/or future posted schedules;
  • A feature that lets you view sales and labor snapshots, compare actual to scheduled labor and the difference;
  • Allows you to manage time-off requests and view blocked dates;
  • Easily message employees about their shift via email, text or the HotSchedules platform;
  • Message your employees by job code/role to quickly fill shifts;
  • Simple way to contact employees with one click;
  • Take a look at roster and employee contact information;
  • And more. If you have any trouble contact Customer Care 24x7x365.

The app features for team members include:

  • Simple way to sync your schedule with your calendar;
  • Fast way to view your work schedule wherever you are. Use a computer, smartphone or tablet to quickly take a look at your work schedule;
  • Get in contact with your colleagues with just one click. Chat with them via email, text or the HotSchedules platform;
  • Create specific notifications such as new messages, schedule changes, shift trade approvals and shift locations;
  • Set up auto release or pick up settings;
  • Ask for time off;
  • Easily send requests to swap or release shifts;
  • Examine open shifts and request to pick up and release options;
  • And more. You can also contact Customer Care 24x7x365 if you need any help.

What’s new in version 4.36.0

Version 4.36.0 brings us a host of new improvements. Here is a list of all the new updates:

  • Small UI improvements;
  • Ability to see the number of views and replies at a glance when viewing the Daily Log and Staff Journal entries;
  • Daily Log/Staff Journal customers that have Business Date permissions can now make entries that correspond with the website’s business hours and not the calendar date. Please note that the new user interface for the Daily Log/Staff Journal is being released in a phased approach, so this change will only apply to users of sites that have been updated;
  • Numerous improvements and bug fixes.

HotSchedules iOS Download

Download and Install HotSchedules Using AppSync

What is AppSync ?

AppSync is used to provide iOS system cracked apps, enable Apple devices to access and run apps without the standard control protocols by Apple. Therefore, you can use the app without any restrictions from app store.

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Installing AppSync

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Install HotSchedules

Step 1: One of the best solution we find is to have iFunBox installed on your computer.

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Step 4: Select User Applications, (the option should locate under your iOS device). Then select HotSchedules which locates on the top menu.  Then there will be a pop up window tell you to click on the .ipa file fo the app you want to install.

After you’ve picked HotSchedules to install, iFunBox will being installing HotSchedules to the iOS device and you’d receive a notification when it’s installed. After finished installing, find HotSchedules on the iOS device and you can use your cracked app. Enjoy!